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Bertin's Painting

Our fame is in the quality of our work

Painting Services

For all of your interior and exterior painting needs, seek the assistance of our skilled painters from Bertin's Painting. We use high quality painting products that guarantee a beautiful finish. Pick the color you want your walls to be and our experts will handle the... read more


For high quality finish services rely on the professionals from Bertin's Painting. We have specialized in finished for over 16 years and we have never failed to deliver satisfying results. Call us today and schedule an appointment with one of our representatives so... read more

Light Bulb Changes

If your light bulbs are dying out or they have completely gave up on you, Bertin's Painting offers a quick fix solution. We offer high quality light bulb changes at low prices for your residential or commercial property. You can call us today and we will arrive in... read more


Drywall is a great wall finish to consider; it is energy efficient and even fire resistant. Luckily for you we offer high quality drywall services at flexible prices. You can begin to enjoy the many benefits that drywall has to offer. Call us today so we can begin your... read more

The best residential and commercial painting in Tennessee
comes from the one and only Bertin's Painting.

At Bertin’s Painting, Quality is Important

It all began in 2003, where I was able to analyze how many other companies did not value the importance of quality. When I discovered how many companies lacked the quality that customers were looking for; I sought the opportunity to start my own business.

When we first began as Bertin’s Painting, it wasn’t always easy. It’s hard to gain people’s trust right away especially when you are just starting out as a new company in town.

We never ceased to work diligently. We never reduced quality, and we never attempted to make a fast buck off of estimates and not assure a splendid job in the end results. Due to our perseverance and incomparable work ethic, we have achieved success.

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At Bertins Painting we use eco-friendly products and we never use paint with harsh chemicals. All paint and other materials at Bertins Painting are 100% environmentally safe.

Pressure Washing

For a complete and thorough cleaning of any surface of your residential or commercial...


Get a beautiful deck for you to enjoy the outdoors in from our stores at Bertin's Painting...


Park your car in style, have the specialist from Bertin's Painting install a top of the line...

Popcorn Removal

Get rid of bumpy and outdated wall textures with the assistance from the experts from...

Cabinet Painting

Revive your kitchens ambience with a simple cabinet painting service from Bertin's...

Stain Painting

The best stain painting in the state of Tennessee is performed by the skilled painters...

Why Bertin's Painting?

We are not just your every day, regular painter who only think about getting the job done and then fails to see if your demands or needs were met. We commit to checking in on the project even after it was completed to see if you are fully satisfied with the work we did.

An Interior paint job for us is not only about covering floors, nail holes, soaking a brush in paint and then rolling it onto your walls.

For an excellent interior paint job like the one we offer a certain protocol must be followed. We move furniture carefully, cover floors, patch nail holes. Fix cracks, and so on. For quality interior painting; this is how we do the job.

At Bertin’s Painting you always get exactly what you pay for and more.

Bertin’s Painting can outperform the competition with quality alone.

Our mission at Bertin's Painting is to obtain full customer satisfaction at the completion of our service at every residential or commercial property we work on. We strive to do so by guaranteeing remarkable quality and flexible prices.

Bertin's Painting never fails to meet your demands and exceed your expectation through the completion of our services. We have more than 16 years of experience in the business; we are the best at what we do.

Our Skill

Interior & Exterior Painting 100%
Finishes 100%
Light Bulb Changes 100%
Drywall 100%
Pressure Washing 100%
Decks 100%
Driveways 100%
Popcorn Removal 100%
Kitchen Cabinet Painting 100%
Stain Painting 100%

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Bertin's Painting
(615) 289-3778

Bertin's Painting
(615) 289-3778

Bertin's Painting
(615) 289-3778

Bertin's Painting
(615) 289-3778

Bertin's Painting
(615) 289-3778

Bertin's Painting
(615) 289-3778

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